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Klaus Lüning
Sales Director for Contract Furnishing Projects

Dirk Strathoff
General Director of Sales


Securing your future.

As a company, we truly understand the needs of both, our business partners and the consumers. Since 60 years we have been consistently meeting market demands. Not surprisingly, confidence in our brand and customer satisfaction are essential parts of our corporate philosophy. Both consumer benefit and customer satisfaction significantly influence our project analysis, product development and project implementation. Based on functional innovations, product design and our experiences we stand by our motto “Customer Satisfaction First“. For us, this means to offer our partners products and services that can be smoothly integrated into the construction project and ultimately create an added value for the building.

Expertise and know how.

To run a successful contract furnishing business, much more than expertise in furniture manufacturing is needed. Throughout the entire project, expertise in areas such as project management, the integration of service providers and distribution are just as important. From planning and development, to the design and prototyping, production and procurement all the way to logistics, assembly and the final inspection; the successful completion of every step is vital. Just like in a high performance gear mechanism, all the cogs in the gearbox need to mesh to produce the desired results.

Solution-oriented thinking – we master challenges.

Many decades of experience in furniture production and our affiliation with furniture associations and retailers result in synergies that benefit our furnishings, making röhr a strong and reliable partner. We ensure that all project stages are perfectly aligned, from our in-house prototype development to assembling the furniture in your property. This strategic procedure allows us to create individual solutions for our clients.

We only leave, once the customer is happy.

For generations, röhr has been manufacturing German made office and contract furniture. Durable surfaces and flawless workmanship ensure high quality furnishings. We are known for on-time delivery and a smooth workflow during the construction phase. Our customers value the impeccable service and our extensive experience with furniture systems. We will do everything to meet your demands and we are only happy if our customers are satisfied with our work. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please feel free to contact us.


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