26114 vegas.plus 26115 vegas.plus 26117 vegas.plus 26139 vegas.plus vegas plus titel vegas.plus

Beds and bed accessories

vegas.plus Bett vegas.plus vegas.plus Nachtkonsole vegas.plus vegas.plus Bettunterkasten vegas.plus vegas.plus Bettseitenleuchte vegas.plus vegas.plus Bett LED Flexleuchte vegas.plus
Lying area with width of
90, 100, 120 or 140 cm
Bedside table Bed storage drawer LED bedside light with sensor LED flexible light

Clothing closets and lighting

vegas.plus Kleiderschrank 2t vegas.plus vegas.plus Kleiderschrank 2t  vegas.plus vegas.plus Kleiderschrank 3t vegas.plus vegas.plus Kleiderschrank 3t Spiegel vegas.plus vegas.plus Kranzleiste  vegas.plus vegas.plus Kranzleiste inkl. LED  vegas.plus
Clothing closet,
2 doors
Clothing closet,
2 doors
Clothing closet,
3 doors
Clothing closet,
3 doors with mirror
Cornice Cornice incl.
LED lighting

Attachment parts

vegas.plus Anbauteil 1 vegas.plus vegas.plus Anbauteil 2 vegas.plus vegas.plus Anbauteil 3 vegas.plus vegas.plus Anbauteil 4 vegas.plus vegas.plus Anbauteil 5 vegas.plus vegas.plus Anbauteil 5.1 vegas.plus vegas.plus Anbauteil 6 vegas.plus
143.2 cm high,
1 door
143.2 cm high,
1 door, 3 shelves
Side panel 178.5 cm high,
1 door
178.5 cm high,
1 door,4 shelves
178.5 cm high,
1 glass door
Side panel

Shelving units, 217.4 cm high

vegas.plus Stollen vegas.plus vegas.plus Zwischenbauboden vegas.plus vegas.plus Zwischenbauelement vegas.plus
side of shelving unit Connecting shelf Connecting unit with 2 drawers

Dressers, TV furniture and shelving

vegas.plus Anbauteil 7 vegas.plus vegas.plus Anbauteil 8 vegas.plus vegas.plus TV Unterteil vegas.plus vegas.plus Medienelement vegas.plus vegas.plus Paneelregal vegas.plus
2 doors
2 doors, 3 drawers
TV lower section
with one drawer
Media unit with
rear wall panel
Shelving panel

Desks and mobile cabinets

vegas.plus Schreibtisch vegas.plus vegas.plus Funktionsanbau vegas.plus vegas.plus Rollcontainer vegas.plus vegas.plus PC Schreibtisch vegas.plus
Desk with recess on one side
for convenient cable routing.
Functional desk attachment
with fold-out compartment
Mobile cabinet PC desk with keyboard
shelf  and monitor stand

Wall shelving and lighting

vegas.plus Wandboard vegas.plus vegas.plus Wandboard inkl Beleuchtung vegas.plus vegas.plus Beleuchtung vegas.plus vegas.plus LED Fachbeleuchtung vegas.plus vegas.plus Trafo vegas.plus
Wall shelving with a width of
50, 75, 100 or 125 cm
Wall shelving including
LED lighting; 50, 75, 100
or 125 cm wide
LED flexible light
with switch
LED compartment lighting
for open compartments
LED transformer
including foot switch

You can find more information and measurements in the list of types.




Weiß 300x112 vegas.plus Dacota Weiß 320x120 vegas.plus
White Dakota oak/ white




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List of types

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Marvellous combinations

Great living area combinations made up of individual extension units and shelving units, plus the option of LED lighting, practical functional modules for home electronics, and individual pieces of complementary furniture for extra storage space.

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