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Solid wood furniture creates a very special atmosphere. It seen to be sturdy and robust, and synonymous with quality, durability and authenticity. Its natural charm enhances rooms and promotes wellbeing.

objekt.pur features natural materials, hand-crafted to perfection. See for yourself how office furniture featuring solid oak fronts,
tops and desks gives any workplace an individual and striking character.

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NR.1 objekt.pur   Solid top.
A high quality finish for any sideboard.
NR.2 objekt.pur  Wall shelf.
Glass and solid woods elegantly combined.
NR.3 objekt.pur  Elegant cable management. All cables
disappear through the metal aperture.
NR.4 objekt.pur  270° opening. Doors with adjustable wide-angled
metal hinges that open to 270 degrees.
NR.5 objekt.pur  Cushioning. Drawers on quality runners
with cushioned self-closing mechanism.
NR.6 objekt.pur  Pedestals. Heavy-duty metal runners combined with clever
interior accessories for a range of storage solutions right next to your desk.

                                                                                                                                                           Möbel aus D objekt.pur

objekt.pur – Quality

Quality made in Germany – for more than 60 years

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  • GS mark: The GS mark certifies that the products have been tested for safety. We place great importance on the safety of our furniture, which is why selected pieces are tested and, if successful bear the GS mark.
    For further information and measurements, please see our List of types.


    Weiss 320x119 objekt.pur  Anthrazit1 320x119 objekt.pur 
    White Antracite

    Front and desktop

    Eiche massiv1 320x119 objekt.pur

    Solid oak


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    List of types

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    Designers offices for timber enthusiasts

    With its top quality materials and loving attention to detail, this offcie furniture range epitomises outstanding quality and sensuality. The combination of white and lightly brushed solid oak emphasises the natural beauty of the wood while creating a modern yet elegant contrast. objekt.pur offers everything you need for a representative office. Starting with four ergonomically designed desk variants with solid worktops, and including two conference tables, right up to add-on parts with visible back panels that can be positioned anywhere in a room.

    Finishes available:


    Weiss objekt.pur
    Anthrazit1 objekt.pur

    Front and desktop:
    Eiche massiv1 objekt.pur

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