techno milieu1 techno 2016 techno milieu2 techno 2016 techno milieu3 techno 2016 techno milieu4 techno 2016 techno milieu5 techno 2016 techno milieu6 techno 2016 techno milieu7 techno 2016 techno milieu8 techno 2016 techno milieu9 techno 2016 techno milieu10 techno 2016 techno milieu11 techno 2016 techno milieu12 techno 2016 techno milieu13 techno 2016 techno milieu14 techno 2016 techno milieu15 techno 2016 techno milieu16 techno 2016 techno milieu17 techno 2016

Techno – The multitalent among office systems.

techno Multitalent Klappmesser techno 2016


Variety in perfection - Plenty of storage room variants for the office day

 techno Multitalent Qualität details techno 2016



Skelett techno 2016
Modern desk designs, special laptop workstations, 3 frame variants in different colours, multi-frame with electric height adjustment, corner desks with freedom of leg movement, individual configuration options, add-on tables, desktop shapes that reflect the recommendations of the trade association.

techno Detail Ergo ST techno 2016


Body and front combinations:

Weiss1 techno 2016 Weiss1 techno 2016 Weiss1 techno 2016 Anthrazit techno 2016 Weiss1 techno 2016 Ahorn techno 2016
White /White White / Anthracite White / Maple

Weiss1 techno 2016 Buche techno 2016 Weiss1 techno 2016 Camara techno 2016 Weiss1 techno 2016 Kirschbaum noce techno 2016
White / Beech White / Camara White / Cherry noce
Weiss1 techno 2016 Eiche choco techno 2016 Uni grau techno 2016 Uni grau techno 2016 Uni grau techno 2016 Anthrazit techno 2016
White / Oak choco Pale grey / Pale grey Pell grey / Anthracite
Uni grau techno 2016 Ahorn techno 2016 Uni grau techno 2016 Camara techno 2016 Uni grau techno 2016 Eiche choco techno 2016
Pale grey / Maple Pale grey / Camara Pale grey / Oak Choco
Ahorn techno 2016 Ahorn techno 2016 Ahorn techno 2016 Anthrazit techno 2016 Buche techno 2016 Buche techno 2016
Maple / Maple Maple / Anthracite Beech / Beech
Camara techno 2016 Camara techno 2016 Camara techno 2016 Anthrazit techno 2016 Kirschbaum noce techno 2016 Kirschbaum noce techno 2016
Camara / Camara Camara / Anthracite Cherry noce / Cherry noce

Individuelle Griffauswahl

Griff B1 27x240 techno 2016 Griff F1 25x240 techno 2016 Griff D11 17x240 techno 2016 Griff Techno neu silber techno 2016 Griff Techno neu weiss techno 2016 Griff Techno neu anthr techno 2016
B1 F1 K1 M1 N1 P1
aluminium coloured aluminium coloured aluminium coloured aluminium coloured white anthracite
Metal Aluminium Metal Metal Metal Metal

Desk frame variants

C alufbg techno 2016 4 Fuss neu silber techno 2016 C Multi1 techno 2016
 aluminium coloured
4-legged frame
aluminium coloured
C-frame Multi
Metall aluminium coloured

Design Fuss anthrazit techno 2016 Design Fuss silber techno 2016 Design Fuss weiß techno 2016
aluminium coloured



016 techno Einhefter 2017 TITEL techno 2016
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List of types

016 techno Blanko 1.17 TITEL techno 2016
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The all-round office furniture programme

Diversity to match all requirements, whether as a private or commercial home office, or as a commercial business office. The successful and consistent all-round programme has been on the market since 1999, offering outstanding detailed solutions in terms of ergonomics, design and functionality. techno offers an interestingly wide range of different variants with hinged and sliding doors, and tambour cupboards, offering huge scope for design. This programme has the perfect solution for any interior design.

Finishes available: 

Body and front combinations: 
Weiss techno 2016
Anthrazit1 techno 2016
Ahorn techno 2016
Buche techno 2016
Camara techno 2016
Kirschbaum noce techno 2016
Büromöbel aspen Detail Unigrau techno 2016
Eiche choco techno 2016

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