ca160 Facts

ca. 160 employees

represent the company Röhr-Bush. Be it skilled workers, assistants or trainees, the entire team is motivated, technically competent, friendly and always helpful, when it comes to the wishes and needs of our customers. Your requirements form the focus of our attention when we make decisions. The wide variety of stringent requirements we strive to fulfil can only be managed in a team.

42.000 Facts

42.000 pieces for children and youth bedroom furniture

are manufactured and assembled every year in our production facilities in Rietberg-Mastholte. In our various furniture programmes we are able to respond to all the needs of our “little ones”. Be it different versions, trendy and flashy colours which are “IN”, functions that transform a child’s room into an adventure or simply Rohr “MADE IN GERMANY” quality which has proven itself since 1953 – we produce children and youth bedroom furniture that are fun.

34.000 Facts

34.000 sets of office furniture

are produced every year according to our customers’ individual requirements. Be it small individual offices for exploring in the new digital Web 2.0 world, the first set of furniture for start-up companies, choice office furniture for small to medium-size enterprises or buildings with the most demanding requirements. We are capable of satisfying all the requirements of our customers and of making the work environment as pleasant as possible with Röhr furniture. Working becomes fun once again. 

6.500 Facts

6.500 Products

make up the extensive product range of Röhr-Bush. Be it youth furniture or office system with highest standards. We strive to meet all of today’s requirements by focusing on customer requests for individualisation. With diversified product presentations in a wide variety of colours and design, we attempt to offer a solution for every situation. And if you are not able to find a suitable item at Röhr, our specials will look at your request and attempt to fulfil it with a custom-made product. 

31 Facts

4 locations in Germany

manage, produce and store the furniture of Röhr-Bush.
  • Factory 2 – Production and assembly of service furniture
  • Factory 4 – Pre-manufacturing / Melamine boards
  • Factory 7 – Head Office / Administration / Showroom
350.000 Facts

350.000 m2 company premises

makes up the size of Röhr-Bush. With a production tradition spanning more than 50 years in Germany, we have remained true to our historical and regional roots. East Westphalia forms the heart of Germany’s furniture industry. That’s why Gerhard Röhr senior and Konrad Driftmeier set up their business here in 1953, starting Röhr’s history. Today it has six locations on our premises in Rietberg-Mastholte and Mantinghausen, creating the company Röhr-Bush.

130.00 Facts

130.000 mproduction area

constitutes just the production area. With our historic roots, we have built up a production process that allows us to focus individually on the corresponding factories with their respective core competence. The specific production procedures are broken down such that an optimum process can be planned and tailored to the product-technical requirements. This ensures a provision-based and targeted production of individual furniture.