Historie neuesLogo History


The German holding Kairos-Industries AG takes over the company Röhr. New owner and managing director is Steffen Liebich.

Historie Handshake  History


Shareholder change: Helmut Roth, Paul Hemingway take over the business of Bush Industries.

 Historie 60Jahre History


60th anniversary of the company.

2012 Maschine History


Investment in the latest drilling processing technology.

 88109 320x226 History


Introduction of new marketing channel k.i.s.s. by Röhr in the Young Living segment.



Historie 2007 Logo History


Röhr launches a new brand identity – new logo with a new company claim: Raum I Gefühl I Erlebnis (Space I Emotion I Adventure) – the name Röhr is given prominence again.


Historie 2003 History


50th anniversary of the group of companies



At the International Furniture Show imm Cologne, Röhr-Bush receives the “Bündnis für Qualität” (Association for Quality) award from the German Federation of Buying and Marketing Groups in recognition of its outstanding performance. 32 out of 221 suppliers receive the award.


Historie Logo RoehrBush History


Joint venture with Bush Industries, Inc., one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the USA. Synergies are utilised in view of the increasing international activities of both companies.

Historie 1990 History


Group focuses on the following core segments:

• young living,

• living,

• office,

Company produces solid wood furniture, veneer furniture and melamine-faced furniture.



Death of senior executive Mrs Maria Röhr.


Historie 1987 ausbildungsunterricht History


Construction of  the in-house exhibition and training centre. Röhr & Co. (plant I) starts manufacturing office furniture.


Historie 1985 Ausbildung History


In order to be able to comply with increasing “on time” delivery requests, the Röhr Group switches production to “made to order”.

Historie 1984 Lackiererei History


The Röhr Group sees growth in all segments. From this point on, solid wood furniture is produced at the Mantinghausen factory.


Historie erstes roehr logo History


The Röhr Group celebrates 25 years.


Historie 77 verwaltung History


Röhr-Möbel Verwaltungs GmbH assumes its role as the central service provider for the Group.

Various companies incorporated into the Röhr group (factories 1 – 7).

Historie 1971 KFM History


Austermann KG, Mastholte, joins the group of companies. Over the next few years, operations are converted to enable the production of bedroom furniture.


Historie s w 3leute History


The term “Röhr Group” is being recognised and becomes synonymous with a group of  companies cooperating in the market.


Historie 1967 schrankwand History


G. Röhr KG (plant VI) is founded in Mantinghausen and starts producing period furniture.


Historie 1966 frau roehr History


Gerhard Röhr sen. dies. His wife, Mrs Maria Röhr, carries on managing the company on her own until her sons Gerhard, Wilfried and Werner join the management team some years later.


Historie 1963 petra History


The foundation for plant II of Röhr & Co. is laid, thus adapting the production capacity to the market requirements for guest room furniture. At the same time, the children’s bedroom market starts to evolve rapidly, and furniture is produced in this plant.


Historie 1962 Anrichte History


The Driftmeier and Röhr companies go their separate ways.


Historie 1957 Wohnzimmer Hannover History


Hermann Twillemeier (plant IV) becomes an affiliated company of Röhr & Co., but continues to be managed as a company in its own right. They produce living room furniture.


Historie s w bild einzeln History


Gerhard Röhr and Konrad Driftmeier establish Röhr & Co. (plant I). They manufacture furniture for guest rooms.