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505 add.onDetails 1 662x662 add.on 505 add.onDetails 2 662x662 add.on
- individuel wardrobes - elegant handles

505 add.onDetails 4 Haptik 662x662 add.on 505 add.onDetails 3 662x662 add.on
- Concrete surface - Passepartout frame for wardrobe
 505 add.onDetails Kopfteile 662x662 add.on
- padded bed headboard for more comfort
Linie quer add.on

The system

Create your individual dream wardrobe. Combine basic and add-on elements.
 505 add.onDetails 6 Kleiderschranksystem. 662x662 add.on
Beton Muster 2017 add.on Driftwood quadrat add.on Camara 662x248 add.on Nußbaum 662x331 add.on Weiss1 662x247 add.on Kieselgrau  add.on fjordgrün add.on

You can find more information and measurements in the list of types.



Weiß 300x112 add.on Anthrazit add.on
White Anthracite


Beton1 add.on

Weiß 300x112 add.on

Camara add.on
Concrete White Camara Oak
 Nußbaum add.on Driftwood1 add.on Kieselgrau  add.on Fjordgruen add.on
Walnut Driftwood Pebble Grey Fjord Green


505 add on Einhefter 2019 TITEL add.on
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List of types

505 add.on Typenliste TITEL add.on
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Children quickly become young adults – sometimes faster than parents like. Röhr has developed a young living furniture program for the target group of young adults, singles and young couples that offers orientation and leaves plenty of scope for individuality.

Finishes available:

Weiss1 add.on
Kieselgrau  add.on

Beton Muster 2017 add.on
Weiss1 add.on
Camara add.on
Nußbaum 662x331 add.on
Driftwood add.on
Kieselgrau  add.on
Fjordgruen add.on

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