330 change plus milieu1 silbergrau change.plus 330 change plus milieu2 sandgrau change.plus 330 change plus milieu3 purpurlila change.plus 330 change plus milieu4 kiwigruen change.plus 330 change plus milieu5 azurblau change.plus 330 change plus milieu6 silbergrau change.plus 330 change plus milieu7 silbergrau graphitgrau change.plus

city Logo1 170x240 change.plus                                                                                       city Haus 320x204 change.plus
Wich colour world do you want?
The city style includes metallic colours: graphite grey, silver grey and purple.
The nature style includes natural colours: azure, kiwi green and sandgrey.

nature Logo2 178x240 change.plus                                                            nature Baum 320x77 change.plus


Energy-saving LED lighting in white light or RGB coloured light = 7 colours: select an individual colour or changing colours

 LED Thema Kreise change.plus

Multifunctional modules  for …

 …positioning side by side, stacking, wall mounting, or integrating.

 330 change.plus Kombi EN change.plus


Clip-on frame

With clip-on frame: The glass door with clip-on frame allows you to attach your own photos or posters yourself.

 330 change.plus Detail7 Wechselrahmen change.plus 330 change.plus Detail2 Starterkit Glasfront change.plus 330 change.plus Wechselrahmen change.plus

Starterkit for glass fronts

The Starter kit for glass fronts includes: 1 neon marker with suction holder, 1 glass tube with suction holder, 4 suction holders with crocodile clips for photos, 6 double suction holders for CD cases.

You can find more information and measurements in the list of types

Body and Front

Weiss change.plus
For the white design, there is the option of units with coloured glass inlay fronts in three metallic or three natural colours. All colours are similar to the specified RAL colours, although they may deviate from the original tone depending on the material and the effects of light, particularly at the edges of the glass.  

Glass inlay fronts

Themenwelt city EN change.plus
 purpurlila Glas change.plus  silbergrau Glas change.plus  Graphitgrau Glas change.plus
purple metallic silver grey metallic graphite grey metallic

Themenwelt nature EN change.plus
Azurblau Glas change.plus Kiwigruen Glas change.plus Sandgrau Glas change.plus
Azure Kiwi green Sandgrey

 change.plus INFO Glasinlay EN change.plus


330 change.plus Einhefter 2017 TITEL change.plus
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List of types

330 change.plus Blanko 1.17 TITEL change.plus
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My new colour world

Fronts with glass inlay in the three metallic or in three natural colours; a trendy RGB LED lighting system; wardrobes with customisable functions; multifunctional modules which can be positioned side-by-side, stacked, wall-mounted or integrated; photo modules featuring your own photo or poster.

Finishes available:  

Body & Front :
Weiß change.plus

Glass inlay fronts:

colour world – city:
Muster Graphitgrau 2 change.plus
purpurlila Glas change.plus
Muster Silbergrau 2 change.plus

colour world – nature:
Azurblau Glas change.plus
Kiwigruen Glas change.plus
Sandgrau Glas change.plus

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