373 hilight baby slider1 petrol hiLight baby 373 hilight baby slider2 fuchsia hiLight baby 373 hilight baby slider3 sonomaeiche hiLight baby

High quality slatted frame

Hilight Babybett Hochwert Lattenrost 662x559 hiLight baby

Petrol hiLight 662x248 hiLight baby Holme: easy-care, in high-quality beech

Petrol hiLight 662x248 hiLight baby Excellent adaptation to the body anatomy of the child

Linie quer hiLight baby

 Changing Tables


The changing table incl. Changing mat offers plenty of space for baby laundry in two spacious drawers. Behind a handle-less door winding utensils can be stowed and in 2 open compartments directly under the changing mat everything finds its place, which should be easily accessible when changing. The changing table including changing mat also plenty of storage space for baby clothes and Co. In the two spacious compartments directly under the wrapping area is enough space for all changing utensils. Two large drawers provide additional storage space for clothes.
   373 hilight baby Wickelkommode 1frei Kopie1 hiLight baby 373 Wickelkommode 1 662x688 hiLight baby



Body and Front

Weiss1 320x119 hiLight baby

FaceClip colours

Fuchsia 662x331 hiLight baby Petrol hiLight 662x248 hiLight baby Cubanit 662x248 hiLight baby Sonoma Eiche hiLight baby
Fuchsia  Petrol Cubanit Sonoma Oak


352 354 363 kollek.baby 2017 Seite 01 hiLight baby
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List of types

373 hiLight Baby Blanko 1.17 Seite 1 hiLight baby
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The hilight.baby program is geared towards the needs of young parents and their offspring. The three different front finishes and four fresh faceClip colors provide the proven discreet look that the big brother, the hiLight youth room, has made known.



Weiss1 hiLight baby


Fuchsia hiLight baby
Petrol hiLight hiLight baby

Cubanit hiLight baby
SonomaEiche quadrat hiLight baby