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Clothing closets and storage units

                                                             323 hilight Icon Save mitText hilight
 RoehrBush Highlight Jugendzimmer Petrol mod frei hilight     323 hilight Spiegelregal frei 1 hilightNR.1 hilight  323 hilight RegalmitKlappfach frei hilightNR.2 hilight RoehrBush Highlight Jugendzimmer Petrol mod auf frei hilightNR.3 hilight

323 hilight Stauraumtype frei hilightNR.4 hilight 323 hilight Kommode frei hilightNR.5 hilight
 323 hilight Highboard frei hilightNR.6 hilight

NR.1 hilight Mirror Shelf, usable on both sides, shelves adjustable in high; right: for styling-products, dvd’s or small things, with folding compartment for “Secrets”; left: variable shelves for shoes, files, boxes. NR.2 hilight Shelf with folding compartment. NR.3 hilight Walk-in warderobe, optional with LED-lights. NR.4 hilight Storage unit with three shelves. NR.5 hilight Chest with two drawers. NR.6 hilight Highboard, two doors, wirh drawer and open compartment incl. lighting.

Linie quer hilight


 323 hilight Icon Schreibtisch mitText1 hilight
 323 hilight Detail SchwenkSchreibtisch hilight  NR.1 hilight   323 hilight Detail Schreibtisch 1 hilight   NR.2 hilight   323 hilight Detail 120erSchreibtischmit NR hilight   NR.3 hilight 
 NR.1 hilight  Add-on desk. Sit properly while learning and stretch feet, then turn desk against the wall, feet up and relax.
 NR.2 hilight Desk and walk-corner warderobe are a perfect combination. NR.3 hilight The compact white desk (With: 120 cm) can be extended
with a clever Add-on unit – more storage space and benefits, because behind the flap NR.4 hilight cables can hide.
Linie quer hilight

Media combinations

                  323 hilight Icon Entertain mitText. hilight
The NR.1 hilight ”e-tain-Box” is a rollable media element. The perfect organizer for all popular game consoles, reciever, blurays,
games, controller and a soundbar – the ideal entertainment. Practical: The shelves are adjustable in height or removable.
The equally multifunctional NR.2 hilight Mediabox with the faceClip-side shelf and -drawer, can be moved flexibly in space thanks to the rollers.
 323 hilight Detail etain box. hilight   NR.1 hilight  323 hilight Detail Medienelement1 hilight   NR.2 hilight
Linie quer hilight

and much more…

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 323 hilight Detail Leuchtkubus hilight 323 hilight Detail USB Stecker hilight 323 hilight Detail HakenSet hilight
Glas elements with effect lighting USB-socket
flexible mounting, for example: desk or bed
hooks set for pen boxes, cables etc.
for fixing on faceClips, doors or flaps.

faceClips in five different colours for creating strong contrasts

Fuchsia 320x160 hilight Petrol hilight Cubanit hilight Anthrazit hilight
Fuchsia Petrol Cubanite Anthracite

Front versions

Weiß 300x112 hilight  Driftwood1 hilight  IconicBuche hilight
White Driftwood Finish  Iconic Beech


Weiß 300x112 hilight



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List of types

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Where light and colour are a highlight

Clean lines and shapes, as well as interplay between light and colour, form the basis for this clearly structured yet extremely versatile range.
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Finishes available:

Weiß 300x112 hilight

Weiß 300x112 hilight
Driftwood1 hilight
IconicBuche hilight

Colour sections:
Fuchsia hilight
Petrol hilight

Cubanit hilight
Anthrazit hilight

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