360 puzzle plus slider4 puzzle.plus 360 puzzle plus slider 5 puzzle.plus 360 puzzle plus slider 2 puzzle.plus 360 puzzle plus slider7 puzzle.plus 360 puzzle plus slider 3 puzzle.plus 360 puzzle plus slider 6 puzzle.plus 360 puzzle plus slider1 puzzle.plus 360 puzzle plus slider 8 puzzle.plus

Plan, expand, personalise, make flexible …

 puzzle Kamel puzzle.plus

You can place the pieces of furniture individually or form groups – like pieces of a puzzle – and you can choose between two colours: trendy white or cosy bordeaux oak effect. On top of that, loads of accessories can inspire you to add colour highlights to make the new room unmistakably yours. New each time, different each time.


Wangenbett mit Gästebett in weiß neu 2019M puzzle.plus Liegenbett weiß mit Kopfteil puzzle.plus
12 puzzle.plus  bed with guest bed 22 puzzle.plus  bed
Bett frei zu Holz puzzle.plus Bett frei auf Holz puzzle.plus
32 puzzle.plus  bed sofa 42 puzzle.plus  bed sofa – extended

The guest bed 12 puzzle.plus slides beneath the bed. Large or small padded panels can be attached to the bed to make it really cosy. Dimensions: 90 — 140 x 200 cm. Bed 22 puzzle.plus The headboard is available in white, oak or anthracite. Also available on request with practical bed box and high quality metal feet painted white or anthracite to match the frame. Dimensions: 90 — 140 x 200 cm. The bed sofa 32 puzzle.plus is a quick change artist: a casual sofa during the day and a bed at night. Dimensions: 90×200 cm. The extended bed  42 puzzle.plus  Dimensions: 180×200 cm.

                                                   Bär Grafik puzzle.plus  puzzle.plus


Schreibtisch W10  puzzle.plus 360 Z05 1000 puzzle.plus
11 puzzle.plus Desk with C-frame, metal 21 puzzle.plus Desk with swivel pedestal

360 puzzle.plus Gamerecke FREI puzzle.plus 360 W04+R18+E29 1000 neu 2019 puzzle.plus 
31 puzzle.plus  Corner desk with shelves 41 puzzle.plus  Desk with mobile pedestal and a box

11 puzzle.plus The desk is high adjustable from 67-81 cm. The frame is available in white or anthracite.
21 puzzle.plus The desk swivels 360 degrees, so the pedestal can stand on the left or right. 
31 puzzle.plus The corner desk is a paradies for gamer. In Combination with the shelve there is enough storage for games, controller or books.
41 puzzle.plus The high quality metal frame is height adjustable from 70 — 81 cm. Optionally available with box or mobile pedestal.

                                              Pferd Grafik puzzle.plus  puzzle.plus


360 A26+A40 1000 192x240 puzzle.plus
360 W62 1000 279x240 puzzle.plus
360 E27+E32 1000 241x240 puzzle.plus
1 puzzle.plus  wardrobe, 2 doors 2 puzzle.plus  Highboard-wardrobe 3 puzzle.plus  warrobe, 3 doors

1 puzzle.plus Closet with shelves, clothes rail and drawers. The cornice with LED lighting is optional.
2 puzzle.plus  Effekttype is also available as a highboard closet with two drawers.
3 puzzle.plus A full-grown wardrobe with loads of space for young fashions. The cornice with or without lighting is optional.


Storage space

360 Y75+W23 1000 295x240 puzzle.plus 360 W66+W35+W44 1000 279x240 puzzle.plus
11 puzzle.plus  Living room/media combination 21 puzzle.plus  storage combination
360 Z65 1000 265x240 puzzle.plus 360 Y70 1000 258x240 puzzle.plus
31 puzzle.plus  effekttype, shelf unit 4 puzzle.plus  effekttype, storage unit
11 puzzle.plus Small but interesting combination of Effekttype and Basistype. 21 puzzle.plus Small but interesting combination of Effekttype and Basistype.
31 puzzle.plus The open shelf unit also makes a great room partition. 4 puzzle.plus Effekttype with additional storage place in closed an open units.

puzzle Tier Gruppe puzzle.plus      

Body and front

Weiss1 320x119 puzzle.plus EicheBordeaux quadrat puzzle.plus Anthrazit puzzle.plus
white bordeaux oak anthracite


Sand puzzle.plus Anthrazit puzzle.plus
sand anthracite


360 puzzle.plus Einhefter 2017 TITEL puzzle.plus
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List of types

360 puzzle.plus Typenliste TITEL puzzle.plus
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Mix and match!

Do you want a new bed, a larger wardrobe, a practical desk, or simply more storage space? We‘ve come up with some clever ideas. No matter how big your room is, how old you are, and what your hobbies and tastes are, puzzle can definitely help you create the room of your dreams.

finishes available 

body and front:
Weiss1 puzzle.plus
EicheBordeaux quadrat puzzle.plus
Anthrazit puzzle.plus

accent colour
Sand puzzle.plus
Anthrazit puzzle.plus

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