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Sliding doors wardrobe – Choice

                       body finish:
                           white – anthracite
                       front finish:
                           votan oak – iconic beech – sonoma oak – nordic Pine – driftwood – bordeaux oak – anthracite – white

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Sliding doors wardrobe – inside

388 slide Innenleben EN slide
1 slide 1 partition panel, 2 clothes rails, 2 shelves 3 slide 1 partition panel, 2 clothes rails, 2 shelves
2 slide 1 partition panel, 8 shelves 4 slide 1 optional drawer

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301 slide Beleuchtung Detail slide The recessed luminaire with motion detector.

Optional drawer.

  301 slide Schubkasten Detail slide
301 slide Einlegeboden Detail1 slide Optional shelves.


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practical bed sofa

388 slide Bettsofa Anthrazit slide
The sofa bed turns into a double bed at night.


Weiß 300x112 slide Anthrazit slide
White  Anthracite


Weiß 300x112 slide EicheBordeaux 150x150 slide Driftwood quadrat slide SonomaEiche quadrat slide
 White  Bordeaux Oak Driftwood Sonoma Oak

IconicBuche quadrat slide NordicPine quadrat slide Anthrazit slide VotanEiche quadrat slide
Iconic Beech Nordic Pine Anthracite Votan Oak


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List of types

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Make your day

With slide, existing living spaces can be optimally complemented. The wardrobes offer a variety of variations, where everyone can find their own dream cabinet.

Finishes available: 

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