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Simply and effective

303 splend Detail Nako frei splend 303 splend Detail Nakobrücke frei. splend
 The bed console can be pushed under the bed.
Linie quer splend

More comfort for Gamer

303 splend Detail Mediaslider frei splend
The media game slider with cable management. A clever solution for your home media equipment.
Linie quer splend

Flexible boxes for more storage place

splend Stapelbare Boxen frei  splend

303 splend Detail Stapelboxen frei splend

The boxes can be combined individually.


You can find more information and measurements in the list of types.



Weiss1 320x119 splend Kieselgrau  splend
White Pebble Grey


Cashmir Hochglanz  splend

Anthrazit Hochglanz  splend

Highgloss Cashmere Highgloss Anthracite


Kieselgrau  splend Anthrazit splend
Pebble Grey Anthracite


303 splend Einhefter 2019 TITEL splend
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List of types

303 splend Typenliste TITEL splend
File type: pdf
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A visually and functionally independent program. The young living furniture with highgloss fronts.

Finishes available:

Weiss1 splend
Kieselgrau  splend

Beton Muster 2017 splend
Weiss1 splend
Camara splend
Nußbaum 662x331 splend
Driftwood splend
Kieselgrau  splend
Fjordgruen splend

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