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vegas speaks for itself: this neutral furniture design concept, combining light and welcoming maple with white or walnut, gives your interior design ideas lots of room to develop. 

…combine and design

vegas Kommode Mix2 vegas vegas Kommode Mix 1 zahlen vegas vegas Kommode Mix 3 vegas
                Kirschbaum noce vegas Weiss1 vegas
Easy to ordner.One of the offered colors can be ordered per number on the fronts.

…easy learning.

vegas Schreibtisch vegas

  vegas buecherjunge light vegas
vegas Eck Schreibtisch vegas
The PC desk. A compartment for PC or school bag, keyboard drawer and large drawers, everything is in its place! Desk with side panels and free-form top.Mobile cabinet with two big drawers.

…relaxing and sleeping.

 vegas Bett ahorn noce low vegas         vegas Bett ahorn weiss low vegas
Beds with night stand. Lying area sizes: 90, 100, 120 and 140  x 200 cm. The night stand can be positioned on the left or right.


Clothing closets

   vegas Kleiderschrank 3 tuerig spiegel vegas     vegas shopping girl  vegas     vegas Kleiderschrank 3 tuerig vegas         

Three doors, or two doors. With a mirror door or without. It’s your choice.

Body and front:

 Ahorn vegas

Coloured surfaces:

Kirschbaum noce vegas Weiß 300x112 vegas
Cherry noce White

Example combination:

261 Kommode 01 vegas



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List of types

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Where neutrality is king

Practical furniture, solid workmanship and a neutral design make this range the perfect companion to your living space.
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Finishes available:  

Body and front:
Ahorn vegas

Coloured surfaces:  
Kirschbaum noce vegas
Weiß 300x112 vegas

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